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II International Symposium of Ecology



In 2016, the II International Ecology Symposium will bring together leading experts to discuss the ecology in anthropocene. Antropocene was set in 2000 by Paul Crutzen, as the most recent period of the Earth's geological time, which has suffered human influence in a global sense (* Erle Ellis 2013). The purpose of this meeting is 1) to discuss the problems caused by human actions and 2) to evaluate and discuss scientific knowledge gaps to mitigate our impact on the conservation of biological diversity, processes and ecosystem services.

  This event is a great opportunity for researchers meet colleagues and discuss the ecological impacts of anthropogenic origin, advances in the study of these impacts and the main problems found for the development of their research, interaction with other areas of knowledge, education, internationalization of our research and researchers/students exchanges. Thus, as in the First International Symposium on Ecology held in 2011, we hope you  enjoy the event !!!

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